Friday, March 28, 2014

Longrow 18 (2013)

I've had a few different expressions of Longrow over the years - Burgundy and Barolo finishes, Shiraz casks and small casks - but my favourite has probably remained the (sadly now no longer) CV. A great value non-Islay peated malt. I've enjoyed those others too, to be sure, but the sureness and sheer drinkability of the CV has always stood out.

So, the 18 Year Old, then, is one to look forward to. The original, unadulterated, peated malt from Campbeltown's finest.

Longrow 18 Year Old 46% (2013)

Colour: Deep copper

Nose: Dusty leather and gentle smoke. Beautiful Szechuan pepper comes through, along with a gentle sweetness. Later, ash and soot develop.

Palate: A smooth and supple entry. Soft and round. Gentle peat - a lovely nutty peat - encircles honey and leather. A tingly spiciness begins to emerge.

Finish: That lovely grassy sweetness from the nose comes through. Super length. Fans out beautifully in the mouth. A smoky, slightly bitter finale.

A lovely (middle-) aged malt this. You just want to cuddle up to it in front of a fire. Soft and comforting while simultaneously remaining complex and dangerously drinkable. Delicious.

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