Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Aultmore 21 YO (D/T Rare Auld)

I ordered a bottle of Tomintoul 14 the other day (I was feeling like trying something new and had heard good things about both the standard bottling (the aforementioned 14 YO) and the distillery itself. Review to come possibly. Was good, I liked it, but haven't spent enough time with it yet to do it justice.) and thought I may as well buy a few samples whilst there ("there" being: ).

The first of these was another new distillery for me - Aultmore.

Aultmore 1989, 21 Year Old, 55.2% Duncan Taylor Rare Auld 

Colour: Light golden.

Nose: Sweet biscuits, Cornish fudge, tropical fruit. Later, malt and honey.

Palate: Hits the front palate hard first up, then gently winds its way back. Remains predominantly in the front palate though. Smooth, silky texture.
Initially sweet, then quite herbal - thyme, lavender too maybe...Very herbal. Floral too. A nice lick of honey completes the circle.

Finish: Long. quite long. The honey carries on while the herbs linger underneath, the whole contracting to a sharply focused point of intense flavour. Very well done.

Delicious. Interesting. Refreshing. What more can you ask for from a drink?

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