Friday, March 14, 2014

Glen Moray 22 YO (D/T Rare Auld)

This is the third and final of the three Duncan Taylor Rare Auld samples I bought recently (from The first two, an Aultmore and an Auchroisk, were both new distilleries for me, and thus I approached both with no expectations (but much curiosity) whatsoever. This next one, though, I have encountered a few times before.

Glen Moray 1988, 22 Year Old, 54.6% Duncan Taylor Rare Auld

Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: It opens with lots of green apples, enveloped in a hazy swirl of booze fumes. Once these blow off somewhat, some light citrus notes come through. Later, something pungent begins to develop.

Palate: Lots of lemon first up, as the whisky hits the upper palate and circles around the back of the mouth. This is where any hint of fruitiness finishes, though, as a sour maltiness develops and takes over proceedings.

Finish: The finish is quite dry. And very bitter. Pretty hot too.

Fair to say I didn't enjoy this very much. It was quite different to other fresher, sweeter offerings that I've tasted from this distillery before. Not a great cask perhaps.

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